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The restaurant

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  • New Year's Eve of December 31, 2018
  • Menu Auvergnat
  • A la carte dishes
  • Aperitif and Auvergne's Wine (local wine).
  • A la carte dishes

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        Menu to choose from


    Rillettes of beef 8,50 €
    Salad with warm goat cheese 8,00 €
    Lentil salad and slices of smoked trout 8,00 €
    Slice of foie gras (duck liver) 12,50 €
    Snails with fourme d’Ambert (blue cheese) 12,50 €
    Cured ham of the Auvergne (12 months of ripening) 8,50 €
    Gratin from the Auvergne
    (bread, onions, white wine and cheese) 7,50 €
    Sliced meats of the Auvergne 9,00 €

    Main Courses
    Truffade (regional dish with potatoes and Cantal cheese) and cured ham of the Auvergne 13,50 €
    Red trout (knight trout) ‘meunière’ (with almonds) 19,50 €
    Trout ‘meunière’(with almonds) 14,50 €
    Duck confit 16 €
    Fondue of Saint Nectaire (local cheese) with an accompaniment of different slices meats and salad 18,50 €
    Piece of rump steak of Salers (cow) (Salers cow : born, raised and finished in France) 15,50 €
    Cheese duo from the Auvergne 3,50 €

    Our Desserts
    Panna cotta of Saint Nectaire (local cheese)
    in autumns’ way 6,00 €
    This dessert was created and prepared by us for the first time during a live radio program of France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne
    Night and day: vanilla icecream with chocolate 5,00 €
    Homemade pastry 6,00€
    Dessert of the day, please ask 6,00 €

    Coupe Auvergne and its gentian 6,50 €
    Our bread is home made
    Salers cow : born, raised and finished in France
    Origin of our trouts : fish farm in Saint Nectaire
    Childrens Menu ( up till 10 years) :
    Minced beef or mini-Truffade and Icecream 10 €

    Prices are nat - drinks not included